Stealing is Not Nice


My team, team 4201, has hosted team 330 in our shop for the last couple years and as a result, have grown very close to them. In a recent conversation with one of their lead mentors, I was asked to tell the rest of my team not to bring any 330 gear, particularly jackets, to championships. She said that there had been issues with people stealing jackets and other gear from 330’s pit and that it would only be worse with their retirement and their inability to fulfill everyone’s request for 330 shirts/jackets. She said that she and her husband wouldn’t be bringing theirs for the same reason.

This saddens me.

So please, don’t be tempted to take other people’s stuff. It’s not okay. And if you see anyone going into another team’s pit when they aren’t in there, kindly keep an eye out to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Thank you,