Stealing Vision Tetras

Read through the whole Q/A and did a search but still couldnt find any information regarding stealing the vision tetras. During autonomous mode, suppose the read team steals the blue teams vision tetra, is this allowed? i know that taking the other alliance’s tetra off the autoloader is allowed but not sure about the vision tetras. any info would be appreciated, thanks

Thats a legit strategy, although if your robot can get all the way onto the other side of the field and steal the other teams tetra then I don’t see why you don’t just grab your own vision tetra and score with it. It does you more good to to grab your vision tetra and score with it.

well here is the thing… a box w/ a quick drive train could do this… have the autonomus go past the midfield, have it turn on its cmucam and look for an opposing tetra or the green from the vision one… and keep driving into it to push it out of the way t stop one of the other alliance’s from being capped…

Even though you can steal a vision tetra I think that it would be better just using your own and capping rows.

ah but you can always leave that to team mates :stuck_out_tongue: i perfer defensive/stealing is a strategy that stops the other team well