steam games/ne others

new to forums second year in first,but im a big gamer, just want to know if ne one else plas steam games or other ones like guild wars and WoW

I like to play Counter Strike online. I have also played all of the Half Life games.
Online my screen name is Demolition Man.
I just recently started playing Counter Strike deathmatches.

I play WoW on a private server…I’m not sure that will really help.

well ive played wow i was just wonderin who plays what cuz i love online games

Counter strike source sometimes dod

CSS ftw!
I’ve got basically every Valve game made in my Steam List.

I play CS:S more than CS 1.6, but I like 1.6 better. I only play Source more because more people play it here at Purdue than 1.6.

Oh yes, you must also check out Goldeneye: Source
you can download it here:

Yeah, you remember Goldeneye for N64. They’re working on it using the Source Engine. Only multiplayer is up right now, but they are only at Alpha 1.1 right now. You should get it before it gets shut down (perhaps copyright issues).