Steampunk #1577 from Israel "Ultimate ascent" robot

FRC team #1577 from Ra’anana, Israel presents : Torpedo!

We have competed in the Israel regional, and competing in the championship in St.louis (Israeli regional winner).



*Andymark Mini Toughbox, driven by 4 CIM motors.
*8 Wheel drive, center 2 dropped 1/8", 4" preformance wheels, back wheel and center-front with wedgetop thread, others with roughtop (worked best).
*4040 chassis with 25"x30" perimeter.

Floor pickup:

*Front-wide axle coated with Wedgetop thread, driven by a CIM-Sim with 1 andymark motor.
*10~20mm freedom with springs, so when frisbees come in it won’t distort them.

From the floor pickup, the frisbee goes to the Elevator:

*Contains up to 4 frisbees.
*Works automatically, from floor pickup, counting the frisbees and moving them to the Shooter.
*Driven by a Bag motor with 1:10 gear ratio.


*Can change angles according to field location and goal.
*Driven by 2 Banebot 2.875" wheels.
*Driven by 2 Mini CIM motors, first one with 1:1 gear ratio, 2nd one with 3:2.
*Shoots 3rd goal with 90% accuracy, Pyramid goal with 90% (can also shoot lower goals).
*Can shoot 4 discs in 4 seconds.


*2x 1" bore 9" stroke pistons, strengthened by springs when pulling up (see video), 60 PSI.

Bonus specs:

*can straighten up in front of the goal using the pyramid with 2 pistons opening up.
*4 discs autonomous (yes, 4).

See you in St.louis :slight_smile:

While this robot was a second-round selection, it really didn’t seem so in the actual finals. I’ve seen it in multiple occasions (including their games in our regional obviously), and it’s an absolutely fantastic robot. I went full on geek over some of its subsystems, the elevator in particular was very impressive as well as the “special little surprise” from the final game in Israel’s regional (for those who got to see it :P). I’m sure their performance will gradually improve between each game in St. Louis. They definitely deserved the win and contributed a LOT to their alliance.

As a side note, while I only know two of the team’s mentors personally, I got to meet some of their students and their dedication is just amazing, not to mention their proficiency in each student’s field and in the robot as a whole. Wish you guys luck, you had a great run this year.

Look forward to seeing my friends from Raanana.