SteamPunk #1577 presents : ChironeX

SteamPunk #1577 proudly presents our robot for the 2016 FRC game “FIRST Stronghold” - Chironex.

6 Wheels - 4 8” pneumatic wheels, 2 High Friction wide 8" wheels (middle)
4 CIMs, single speed.

powered by 2 Mini-CIMs
High goal capable.
Single camera for automatic aiming.

Single Bag motor with 1:10 versaplanetary gearbox driving 3 rollers in multiple directions with self made joints.
Multiple directions of collecting the ball from the front of the robot.
Gets the ball directly into the Shooter.

ChironeX will compete at the Israeli Regional.

Brilliant intake!

It’s hard to tell for sure, but it looks like your bumpers would be illegal. Are the parts of the frame next to the intake at least 8 inches long?

nope, but the bumpers will be. it’s legal.

That intake is sick

Your intake design is by far my favorite robot design feature that I’ve seen this season. The angled front is brilliant.
Well done!

Nice robot guys, really cool intake.

All of you are more than welcomed to watch us and our potentially 10 autonmous modes at the Israeli regional (8.-10.3.16).