Steampunk Blimp

Wasn’t there a Three Musketeers movie that was steampunk-ish and had a blimp like the one in the video?

It appears that there is however I haven’t seen the movie so I don’t know if there could be a parallel between the movie and the game this year.

Hmm I figured the blimp would be more of a football in the game but ya never know :smiley:

Manipulating footballs??? That would be crazy difficult for its an ellipse…
Anyone else got any input on that?

Perhaps a funnel-shaped intake, with wheels on one side going slightly faster than the other, which would be tight enough to force the correct direction?

Something like this, if the O’s were wheels.

I also hear that maybe “coal” could be simulated, but as like wiffle balls.But yes, a challenge but an intake like this should work.

Think the “very small object” is coal?