Steamworks Cheatsheet

This year’s game has way too much terminology for me to remember. To continue from last year’s Periodic Table of the Defenses, here is the Unofficial Steamworks Cheatsheet. Let me know if something needs fixing or if I cannot spell. I have attached a regular version and a version for black and white printers. Feel free to use this however you want, just give credit if applicable.

Steamworks Cheatsheet.pdf (2.54 MB)

Steamworks Cheatsheet B&W.pdf (1.33 MB)

Steamworks Cheatsheet.pdf (2.54 MB)

Steamworks Cheatsheet B&W.pdf (1.33 MB)

Thanks a ton! It will be very helpful to have all of this in one place.

Thanks Andy for this great resource!

This will be suuuuuper helpful!!! Also, this may be helpful to teams as well: Here are all the dimensions of various field components in one spot: Shoutout to Jacob on my team for doing this!!!

Oh nice that will be quite useful.

Nicely done! We’ll definitely use this in our team sessions this week!

Thanks much!

There, I fixed it.

I liked that you fixed the logo as well.

This is great, thanks!

Only add would be that you have only labeled the amount of fuel at each Hopper, but have not labeled them as hoppers.

I think we’ll print this out on a nice, big poster and hang it in our space!

LOL, that’s pretty much what it’s going to look like!

@ajsmith: thanks for this, very helpful.

Great resource. Thank You.