Steamworks climb

Watch from 2:12 mark till end. I just want to know if the robot on the bottom right corner for blue alliance should’ve counted as a climb. Given that the light was broken.

No, the touchpad was not being activated at t=0

They would’ve needed to activate at t=0 for 1+ seconds (either side), but for what you said about the light: was it actually broken? Were they told the light wasn’t going to function? Because if I was climbing on a touchpad I didn’t know was broken and the light didn’t turn on, I might try to back down a little and go again. If that was the attempt though, it appears to have made them backdrive quickly at match end to no avail. Still, I’d be very frustrated as a coach if the touchpad broke, no one knew/told me, and then I didn’t get a climb because I moved to press the pad better. (Not saying I know any of that happened here.)

There’s not enough detail here to see if the robot was stopped by the channel, or was pushing against the touchpad, independently of whether it was up there for one second at t=0.