Steamworks sightlines

You may have noticed that the airship imposes a very significant restriction on the sightlines in this year’s game. I drew up some diagrams in GIMP so you can see just how big of a problem this will be throughout the season. The striped areas are visible to the respective red team.

Station 1:

Station 2

Station 3:

I hope this helps guide your strategy discussions. Good luck!

Note that each alliance also has team members behind the other alliance’s glass. It wouldn’t surprise me if some well-coordinated alliances designated some human players there to primarily be in a role signaling information to the drivers, similar to last year’s “Spy”.

True, but that still presents a significant challenge. Also, they’re far enough back from the glass that they’ll have a hard time helping if you’re trying to defend against a gearbot.

Right now, I’m less concerned with seeing their gearbots than I am with seeing my own loading stations.

I forsee a lot of moving around in the driver station this year.

this is kind of related to sightlines, but does anyone know whether or not the pilot will be able to communicate with their drivers via shouting during the match? Thanks.

C12 restricts this

C12. Plug in to/be in your PLAYER STATION. The OPERATOR CONSOLE must be used in the PLAYER STATION to which the Team is assigned, as indicated on the Team sign.

Violation: The MATCH will not start until the situation is corrected. If during a MATCH, YELLOW CARD.

  One intent of C12 is to prevent unsafe situations where long tethers to OPERATOR CONSOLE devices increase tripping hazards as the operator moves about the ALLIANCE STATION. In the interest of avoiding nuisance penalties associated with an operator stepping outside of a prescribed area, we prefer to offer a general guideline as to what it means to use the OPERATOR CONSOLE in the ALLIANCE STATION. Provided the operator is within close proximity of their PLAYER STATION, there will be no repercussions. However, if an operator is located more than approximately 1⁄2 PLAYER STATION width away from their own PLAYER STATION, that would be considered a violation of C12.

I wouldn’t count on it. Not because of any rule, but because it’s really loud during matches. You’re in a room with hundreds if not thousands of people all facing you talking and cheering plus loud music playing plus a game announcer talking over microphone plus robots moving around and making noise. Any strategy that relies on the pilot shouting to their teammates is not one I would ever trust.

Based on some of the graphics, it appears the air ship bases are transparent. This should provide some amount of sight through the base.

In terms of moving around to see when the driver can’t, isn’t that the coach’s job?

Easier said than done. Communicating how to move your robot to a driver who can’t see their robot is rather difficult to get the results you want.

Why not use the pilots? They have a better view.

Why not the huge camera poles from last year? I don’t remember seeing any restrictions on these in the rules, and they helped our team significantly last year.

Check the rules on operator consoles. Height limits were imposed this year.

The base of the airship also has a smaller diameter than the top (it flairs out). So line of sight won’t be quite as bad as depicted. Still pretty bad though.

Have you ever had an FTA try to talk to you through the glass before a match?

It doesn’t work then, it’s certainly not going to work during a match. An Aldis Lamp might be an option though.

If this rule didn’t exist.

Signaling devices: fine. Powered signaling devices: not fine. Start stocking up on baguettes.

I don’t know if any teams pulled this off last year, but it might be legal to put a camera on the standard in order to get a higher vantage point…

Your pilot could hold up a mirror:rolleyes:

Drivers are gonna have to drive by feel to keep up their speed. The 3rd station view of the loading station is definitely a tough one.