Steering Wheel Question

I am just wondering whether if USB-powered steering wheels are still available via online or in stores; since nowadays, those controllers require an AC adapter for power, and it is a possibility I might go with steering wheel for driving. Please help!

P.S. I’m not looking any platform in particular if there is any, as long it is USB-powered and can be programmed through the same port.

They are available. There are two different models in-stock at my favourite computer supply store. Look around for a vendor near you.

In 2009 we used the Logitech MOMO racing wheel. It has an AC adapter but we didn’t use it. Without the AC adapter, it didn’t self center and you had to manually calibrate it at power up (put the wheel at both extremes), but it worked.

A steering wheel that is primarily dependent on an AC adapter can be modified to be powered by USB? Are there any restrictions or precautions when going through this path? Other than the calibration setback…