Stellar Robotics Team 5413 CAD & Code Release

Have you seen enough of these yet in the past week? I don’t think so. How about another?

This is the our 2019 robot CAD and code blah blah blah…

Actually it’s pretty cool. Our focus for this past season was “robustness” due to the fact that our 2018 robot was ahem a pile of junk and broke all the time. In that endeavor I would say that we were VERY successful. We literally never had to make a single repair all season long except replacing zipties that would break. We also won the quality award which all of us are very proud of. It was a big achievement for the team.

The best part of the robot is the elevator. It was fully sheet metal, no tubing at all. Insanely strong. In addition, we were able to reach the top level of the rocket only using a 2-stage elevator due to the combination of the vertical ball conveyor and the fact that both stages of the elevator are able to collapse down completely flush with each other (something most elevator designs aren’t capable of). That buys an extra several inches of height out of the mechanism.

On the code side, we did our own motion profiling in LabView. The algorithm is based on our 2018 code. In addition there is some internal collision-avoidance stuff to keep the hatch mechanism from ramming into the ground during the transition from “cargo mode” to “hatch mode”. I’m the programming mentor in addition to the CAD/design mentor, but honestly I can’t really tell you how most of it works because it was 100% student programmed. Our one programmer did all the work with basically no supervision and knocked it out of the park. Very proud of him.

In addition to the 2019 stuff, there are a couple of other STEP files in there: a light-weight mecanum drivetrain that’s only half finished, and a 3in diameter 3D printed traction wheel that we’re probably going to run this season if the field allows.

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