STEM and Robotics Center

Hey everyone,

We got our new sign in at the STEM and Robotics Center and I wanted to show it off. I plan on doing a video tour of the center soon, once we get all of the rest of the equipment in but for now, have a teaser. Notice the most important part - a Sonic right next door.

Needless to say - I’m kind of excited.



Very Cool! Great work!

That is awesome!
Worthy of high praise!

Very interested in seeing the inside. Where is this located?

Were you involved with the proposal to get this space built? If so would you be willing to share information about what that process was like?


Very cool! Will your goal be to house/host multiple teams from your workspace?

Awesome stuff.

Have you approached the Sonic location for a sponsorship? I assume most of the students would enjoy that- and mentors too.

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Heya all -

I’ll answer the questions in a bunch:

  1. @sanddrag We are located in Denham Springs, Louisiana. The STEM and Robotics Center is an offsite campus attached to Denham Springs High School.

  2. @JohnFogarty, I was involved for a lot of the recommendation and construction portion. The story of the building itself goes farther than me but it’s a great one. In 2016 the Greater Baton Rouge area was inundated by one of the largest floods in our state’s recorded history. The Denham Springs area in particular was hit very hard with most buildings and houses being flooded by ten to fifteen feet of water. The summer prior to the flood, an elementary school added a new cafeteria, classroom space, and gym to their campus. It was built raised above the ground a bit and as a result only received one inch of water on campus. The decision was made to tear down the other buildings which were a total loss and convert this building into a STEM and Robotics space. I was approached by the administration and asked to come lead the robotics and engineering portion of the space. I was given a large budget to purchase supplies and tools and given a classroom as well as the gym and surrounding offices to use as space for our FRC team. In other words - I came into a dream spot. The superintendent is extremely forward thinking and wants to use our center as a jumping off point to start JFLL, FLL, FTC, and FRC teams throughout our district over the next few years.

  3. @Akash_Rastogi - While I don’t think we will be housing multiple teams (the district is fairly wide spread in regards to distance between schools and communities), we are going to get a full practice field set up for teams in Baton Rouge to use as well as offering use of our equipment (CNC Mill, DRO Lathe, Etc) when needed.

  4. @Rob-E - That’s on my list of things to do before the start of build season. We are having our first FLL Qualifier here next month and I’m hoping to see if they will give a portion of their sales from that event to the team.


Very cool. This is my dream for my school. Would love to see a video tour.

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Daniel left out an important detail that makes this dream situation even better - the kids. Before any of them had ever seen an FRC competition (even off season), they formed the backbone of the best off-season event I’ve attended yet - Red Stick Rumble 2019. They’re hard-working, seem to have formed a team identity in just a couple of weeks (the event was August 24th), and (if how smoothly they put up and took down the field is any indication), have quite a few team members who are mechanically inclined and can follow directions. I think we can expect great things from Denham Venom.

P.S.: the first heart was posted in the first hour by Daniel (@MysterE).

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