STEM curriculum for HS class

After years of begging, pleading and prodding, the school that my kids attend is finally starting a STEM class. We get the majority of our students for both FTC & FRC teams from there and I have helped teach several LEGO robotics mini-classes there over the years. We are all very excited !!!

Now they’ve asked me to help with the curriculum and specifically how to integrate the EV3 kits they purchased this spring for the robotics mini-class. I have a bunch of ideas but I wanted to throw this out there to see if someone would share an existing STEM based curriculum that integrates robotics.


While it might not be curriculum, the FIRST Lego League website has “alignments” for grades 4-8. You can find it on this page

You might the multimedia EV3 tutorial we put together for programming helpful. That’s at We also have them for the NXT and even the RCX. We typically have new students go through the tutorial being sure to DO THE EXERCISES and then let them pick from an array of challenges after that. They get points from every challenge which then figures into their final grade (if doing this as part of a class.). For after school the earn “RoboBucks” which they can spend at an auction at the end of school.

Let me know if you have questions.

Whenever I think of robotics curricula, I think of Rich Kressly. Contact him here through CD, or by some Googling.


Before I begin, full disclosure, I am VEX Robotics’ full time education manager.

However, Blake and others know my roots are in FIRST programs (FRC103 & 1712, FTC game design, FIRST Senior Mentor, etc). In my 15 years around robotics competition and education, I’ve done a bunch of curriculum/standards/alignment oriented work. My first related project of note was this one: where I matched education standards to FIRST programs in the states in my area.

With that aside, addressing your question …

There are two “complete” offerings out there - standards matched, completely free and available, teacher and student materials, rubrics, worksheets, the whole deal. You can grab individual lessons, units, or an entire course. However, they use different platforms - the more affordable and powerful VEX IQ and also the classroom battle-tested VEX EDR Platform.

Although these offerings use different platforms, a lot of the materials could be adapted to other platforms, easily. They are already widely used in school settings around the globe. Take a look at some units in each offering and the course syllabi. Also note the VEX IQ Curriculum is geared to elementary and middle school, but this can be scaled up in many cases and/or the more advanced content from the EDR Curriculum can also be adapted to the IQ (or other) platform if desired. I believe Chris Gregory in NJ (FRC 1089) is using IQ in his HS curriculum, for example.

In addition, VEX IQ is very affordable, with a Super Kit retailing for a mere $300. The Classroom bundle is also a VERY affordable deal. VEX EDR is also very competitively priced. (

Yes, LEGO Education does have curriculum for ev3 (it only installs electronically alongside the programming software and watch out for the expense/hidden cost, and there are more limited opportunities to scale up to high school age). I think you’ll find the IQ and EDR curricula to be much more affordable (hard to beat free, right?), flexible, and user friendly.

If I sound a little sales-pitchy, it’s only because of my passion for the topic. I think there are still lots of folks on these forums who can vouch for that.

As a fervent supporter of all STEM related robotics education activities, I’m thrilled you have a course in the works and I wish you well in your endeavors. If you ever have any related questions (about VEX Curriculum or about robotics curriculum in general), please feel free to get in touch. Best wishes with this important next step in your community.

Thank you all for your information. I just received the Michigan Merit Guide (curriculum requirement) from the instructor and will try to match up all this information to help him get this class off to a successful start. 1 week until school starts here… feels like an early build season :ahh:

I can’t seem to open that link…

Two days before school starts, the administration cancelled the class :ahh: . They needed a physics class instead. Could that not have been integrated into a STEM class? Is there not tons of physics what you build robots and do CAD and build simple machines etc.??? I’m floored…

:eek: :mad: :rolleyes:

Not :cool:

Don’t give up! Michigan Pupil Accounting allows for “independent study” courses that can count towards graduation requirements. By the way, Michigan requires three full years of science for high school graduation - 1 year of Biology, 1 year of Chemistry or Physics and 1 year of a lab-based science course. These courses are taught in a variety of delivery modes ranging from the traditional AP, college prep style as well as styles that align with practical understandings.

While your district probably had good intentions, they have to offer the required courses to the students.

Curriculum development is a long-term project. If you are looking for some Michigan specific resources, PM me.