STEMtv Streaming All NE FIRST 2016 Events](

This year, NE FIRST and STEMtv are working together to stream and automatically record all NE districts and the NE DCMP!

All NE events will be streamed through STEMtv’s servers, recorded, and passed along to NE FIRST’s Twitch channels. As soon as the event is over, STEMtv will parse and upload all of the recordings as soon as possible. Over the season, STEMtv will be working on decreasing the amount of time between live matches and their recordings going up on YouTube.

STEMtv would like to thank our sponsor, WPI, for helping to offset the costs of developing what we hope will become the best streaming platform for FRC out there.

If you have any questions about STEMtv, please feel free to post here or send me a PM.

Thanks for sharing and working on this project! This is exciting!