STEP File Pre-viewer

I am in the process of teaching CAD to several area FRC teams.

I decided to update all my CAD parts libraries and found them on the web.

I downloaded the Inventor files and the STEP files since I like to teach Fusion 360 with it’s built in CAM functions.

Problem is, I noticed that most of the file names don’t give much of a “familiar” name for parts. Mostly they are Andymark part numbers or somewhat unique names.

I was under the impression that Windows Explorer would pre-view STEP files but in my Windows 10 version I can’t seem to get it to do that.

So, is there a viable pre-viewer, that preferably doesn’t require me to load the files one by one, but rather view them sequentially like photos. Or, is there a master list that gives file name with either pic or part description?

I know this seems petty, but it’s mildly annoying have to check AM part numbers or opening the files to see what’s in them.


If your using Fusion 360 you can upload them all to a project in a batch with the upload button in the data panel on the left. That’ll give you a preview at least (sometimes you have to open it once for it to generate preview)