Step stool in driver station?

Would it be legal to use a step stool for a member of the drive team in the driver station?

Probably not unless dictated by a disablilty - H07 is the applicable rule

Years ago there was a team who had a driver in a wheelchair who was allowed to use a platform to see at a normal level. Assuming this step stool is safe and intended for a shorter member of the drive team (IE, not being used to allow a tall student to look above the top of the driver station or something), I would check the rules regarding the driver station in the manual, (you might be required to keep it under shelf before the autonomous ends) but I can’t think of any FTA or Head Ref who would deny a drive team member the ability to see from a reasonable height.

That said, I would have a plan B just in case, a safer bet might be building a proper platform (rather than a stool, which might be less stable and deemed unsafe), or getting the drive team member in question a pair of platform shoes (again, within reason). Regardless of what you go with, expect extra scrutiny in regards to driver station and safety rules.

If you have time, this might be a good question for the Q&A.

From 2018 Q&A Q350

Q350 Can a Driver Station Include Height Adjusters
Can a shorter driver use devices such as a step stool to increase visibility during competition?
asked 22 days ago by FRC 6883 DRIVER
Per H07, items like step stools for shorter drivers are only allowed if they are required due to a disability. If a driver brings a step stool, you can expect a Referee to ask if it is required because of a disability.

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Step stool not allowed unless it’s a disability.

When I drove I brought closed toed stiletos to wear during matches.

You think I’m joking , I’m not sadly.

Some of us know you aren’t joking.

My understanding is 4’10" height qualifies a person for disability… Would I interpret this as a robot operator under 4’10" maybe allowed a step stool?

In all the events I’ve ever went to I have never seen a step stool used once and our drive coach Andi was very short.

  • H07. $@#You can’t bring/use anything you want. The only equipment that may be brought to the ARCADE and used by DRIVE TEAMS during a MATCH is listed below. Regardless if equipment fits criteria below, it may not be employed in a way that breaks any other rules, introduces a safety hazard (e.g. a step stool or large signaling device in the confined space of the PORTAL are safety concerns), blocks visibility for FIELD STAFF or audience members, or jams or interferes with the remote sensing capabilities of another Team, or the FIELD, including vision systems, acoustic range finders, sonars, infrared proximity detectors, etc. (e.g. including imagery that, to a reasonably astute observer, mimics the Vision Targets used on the FIELD).

So… Our stilts are out then?

Only closed toe stilts (Stilettos) are allowed.

Wedges are good too. Much easier on your feet :slight_smile:

Stiltlettos was right there!

what about these:

Water Game!

Backstory: We were using chairs to simulate the switch and our secondary driver was jumping to try and see over it because we had it far away, he’s 5’10" so we had this idea shortly after

I have personally had a short student use a step stool as a driver. The head ref was cagey about it but ultimately it came down to the “diasbility” clause, in a relatively permissive interpretation of the rules by the head ref.