stepping up a notch (or two)

I just posted a rather long post in the animation section under the Edit System thread Please check it out so I dont have to repeat everything.

The jyst- Dont settle to be a second class citizen in FIRST. Dont settle for being stuck in the corner with the computer. Step up and find Industry Professionals that are willing to help. Look for people or companies in the Graphics/Production industry that will support you with mentors and/or money.

This year- I am working with the person who produces our team newsletter so that we have the writers (who she is recruiting from the english and journalism classes and aren’t required to me on the team- but may get hooked) that produce the newsletter write for the Website too. Some articles will overlap. some will be specific for the website. This is another expansion of their skills and will free our web team to focus on design and codeing and not content (which was lacking majorly last year)

I am intruducing editing tools to the team so that they get a full understanding of what happens after the 3D is rendered. Most previous animation participants graduated!

I am working on a few companies to support the team more directly- with time and money. so that we can upgrade and buy new stuff and continue to learn and inspire.

FIRST is about seeing how profesionals work and problemsolve and get the job done. its not about seeing finding the cheapest software or hardware and hope its good enough. If you show me 2-packages of software that are the same and one cost 200 and the other 400, I’m not saying to get the one thats 400 just because it cost more. I’m saying, if you have edit software thats free and a completely different package thats 2000 I’ll bet you there is a difference in performance and capabilities. Avid offers three edit systems (complete system with hardware and software etc- not the Express DV) the thre systems are the Express, Composer, and Symphany. One costs about 24k another costs about 30k+ and the third is over 50k. Each one is an AVID- but do you think they all do the same thing as effectively and efficiently as the other may. The answer is No. they arent the same. This is true with a free software package and one that costs a couple thousand.

Find the tools and people that can help make this a Professional experience for you.

Give me and others Ideas on how you and your team can step up this year.

Good luck