Stereolabs ZED 2i

Are there any teams here that have used the ZED 2i for April Tags and robot pose tracking? Seems pretty perfect for this but I don’t have one to play with yet and don’t know how to program it yet. (But it comes with its own SDK :smiley:)

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This seems like a normal for 900 type of move


Yes. We’ve been using the Stereolabs cameras since 2015 and working with them. Great folks.

The 2i and the 2 are effectively the same camera with minor changes between them.

They require NVIDIA hardware to run on. Jetsons work well for this.

How you use them, up to whoever is using it. They come with a robust SDK and ROS packages.

For us, that means running ROS on our Jetsons (yes, plural) and the RIO in a native configuration. We run the Zed to one of the Jetsons and then run control code on another and on the RIO simultaneously.

For other teams, what I’ve commonly seen is ROS on a co-processor with all of the control bridged back to the RIO via NetworkTables/ZeroMQ/Etc.


I have a single Jetson Nano off hand, my plan was going to be update NT with the pose calculated via SLAM the ZED 2i returned. I have read about Isaac but but never played with it. If i could get that working I was thinking it could be better than PV because it would have a higher refresh rate and be more accurate.

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We are running a Jetson Xavier NX with a Zed 2i, currently we really only use the CustomObject detection portion of their SDK for cone and cube estimation in 3d space, with runs at around 20ms from each new observation.

We attempted to use the SLAM pose estimation of the camera at one point but weren’t happy with the results, any rapid acceleration of the camera hurt the performance significantly.

We used AprilTags with the 3d point cloud generated from the Zed 2 camera during the offseason, I do not remember the performance but It was not bad.


ISAAC is a simulation shim thing from NVIDIA - at least I assume that’s what you are talking about. It’s a whole lot different than Photon Vision.

That being said, it would be cool to see a Zed fork of PV that works on the Jetsons… could be fun.

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