Steve, Dont Eat It!

Steve, Dont Eat It!

It’s essentially a blog about the bizarre things Steve eats. Its less WHAT HE DOES that’s funny, but more how he writes about it. It cracks me up every time I read through it.

A mild warning though, he does use, shall we say, expressive language and it could gross you out (so dont look at it before eating unless you’re on a diet).

Wow, hilarious, but be warned there is language…

Still laughing… :smiley:

Some of that stuff was really gross.

Thanks for sharing this early in the morning.

Definitly gross, that is some sick ummm Stuff. . .

Woah…way gross…but so funny to read.

that was hilarious! I loved the infected corn one. I had seen a recipe to make prison wine before, but his was so much weirder!

He should get a job at one of the companies that mix different artificial ingredients together to come up with different tastes and smells.
I can see it now, “Hey Steve! Come here and tell me if all these ingredients I can’t pronounce mixed together tastes like grape yet!” :yikes:

Working in the automation field I have some knowledge of the type of machines used in ‘mechanically separated chicken’ but I’ll keep it to myself and leave it to your imagination. :ahh:

I haven’t read that one yet but just reading this had me laughing for a good 2 minutes. :smiley: