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RIP Steve (Croc Hunter)

I was just coming to post that. :frowning: Sad day indeed.

I just can’t believe it! He can’t be gone, he still has way too many crocodiles to hunt. He did so much for promoting environmentalism and educating children about the wild… sad, sad day.

The amazing thing is that a stingray is about as dangerous as a kitten. Most likely one of the least perilous animals he’s ever encountered.
It makes me think again about the wonderful time I had in Stingray City in Grand Cayman - these (apparently) deadly animals, begging for food and being as playful as puppies.
I’m sure we will all respect the beauty and awesome power of nature more because of the life and passing of Mr. Irwin.

I was very shocked this morning to wake up and read that in a text message I got from a friend today.

It is a sad day indeed.

R.I.P. Steve.

I’ve always thought of Steve Irwin as being a person who defined what he believed by how he lived and what he did.
He was an excellent example of
living life to the fullest
respecting all life
doing what you love and being passionate about it.

Steve Irwin was the man, 'nuff said.

At least he died doing what he loved.

my friend said that people on World of Warcraft were making fun of him.


Life ain’t gonna be the same.

I will definitely miss seeing a guy messing around with crocks all the time…and all the other animals he dealt with.

RIP Steve Irwin

As a biologist I find it difficult to come to terms with how Irwin’s death effects me. I always thought he was rather foolhardy and a poor example to kids by doing unsafe things with dangerous reptiles. But I watched the shows nonetheless. And Irwin was having the kinds of adventures I like partaking in. Irwin took the mystery out of and showed the beauty of the reptiles he experienced. And if the public knew anything about reptiles such moronic movies as “Snakes on a Plane” would be booed off the screen.

I expected him to ultimately be claimed by one of the venomous snakes he free handled. Today’s news about his death by stingray sting was a one in a billion freak accident. Stingrays are common as dirt in tropical seas. I’ve dived with them. They are innocuous as long as you dont step down on them. I cant imagine how Irwin got caught.

And over the past few years I came to realize that the majority of kids I know learned more about nature from watching Irwin’s antics than anything else.

The fact is, if people dont know about nature they do nothing to preserve it. Irwin may have been a bit of a showman but he definitely got the message across that nature is something to be valued and not feared or destroyed. I know I’ll miss him.


Snakes on a Plane wouldn’t be booed 'cuz of reptile info, a good amount of the crowd knew a good 'mount bout snakes to start, the movie is silly, stupid, and funny in that b-horror movie type of way, but I’m digressing.

I’ll miss him, 'cuz his show was teh roxxorz, and… yeah, I can’t make a post as long as Wayne above me, but… yeah.

His death’s been all over the internet. BoingBoing got it, Sconex’s been talking about it, the smaller sites that I visit have been all over it…

Makes me wonder–what’ll happen on the internet when Chuck Norris finally round-house kicks the bucket?

Nothing about Steve Irwin and his approach to teaching the world about animals and the environment was orthodox. It was in this unusual approach that Steve Irwin filled the air waves, wrestling crocs and showing off deadly snakes, teaching millions about wildlife and the danger posed to them by the incursion of humans into their habitat.

It was not the venomous snakes, nor the wild crocodiles or deadly snakes that would claim Steve Irwin. He died in the most Shakespearean death, a pierce through the heart from an innocuous sting ray, an animal which has only claimed seventeen lives in recorded history.

We’ll all miss you Steve.

This is sad indeed. He was very entertaining and I even got to see him when he visited the Niabi Zoo here in Coal Valley. He was very unorthodox. What many people don’t realize is that when he had his baby in there with the crocodile, he knew what he was doing and it was completely safe. He’s had so much experience that he could predict the crocodiles every move. But a sting ray through the heart, that’s tragic. But he died doing what he loved. So for just that reason alone, he should be celebrated.

It hurts to lose anybody who knows what they’re doing and does their best to teach what they know to others. Steve Irwin might’ve been nuts to some (I don’t think you could pay me enough to get that close to a crocodile without some inch-thick Lexan separating the two of us), but at least he went out doing what he loved to do and he went quick. That’s about all you can ask for. He will be missed.

By crikey, it brings a tear to my eye. A few weeks ago my teenage daughter and I pulled out one of her kid games (hey, she was sick) and played the Crocodile Hunter Outback Chase game. It was like “Go Fish” but every time you didn’t have the card the person asked for you said “by crikey” in your best Australian accent. We laughed and laughed… My sympathy goes to his family, young children… that’s the worst.

Now who’s gonna catch Reggie the alligator? :frowning:

(I never did hear if Steve Irwin actually made the attempt.)

To mildly disagree, the movie , although an obvious spoof, played on the irrational, socially LEARNED fear people have for snakes and perpetuates the anti-snake myth.

Otherwise it would be called “Fluffy White Bunnies on a Plane” and nobody would think they were in danger.


I wonder how long before the video of Steve being killed ends up on You Tube?

I sincerely hope that it NEVER will. :frowning:

Oh it will.
Youtube is poorly moderated. They care more about copyright laws than good taste. The comments are out of control.
My brother in law was brutally slurred using the n word repeatedly and that attitude is very prevelent there.
Everybody complains about how tightly moderated this page gets sometimes but Youtube is an example whan there is pratically none. Sometimes it’s just not a fun place to go to.