Steve Sanghi on FIRST Board of Directors

Microchip Technology President & CEO Steve Sanghi Elected to FIRST Board of Directors

FIRST isn’t just about building robots, it’s about developing life skills,” said Sanghi. “The kids learn skills in relationships, teamwork, finance, fundraising, budgeting and project management. The partnership between academia, the community and industry is building our future employees and future citizens."

Ahhh, can’t hear too many people say quotes like these. Glad to have him aboard.

He’s been a FIRST parent, sponsor, driving force behind the Arizona Regional, and much more. I can’t think of a more qualified person to be on the board. Congratulations, Steve Sanghi!

As a member of an Arizona team, I’ve personally seen how much effect Steve Sanghi’s work has benefited the youth of our community. He’s founded our regional, indirectly sponsored every team in FIRST (through kit donations), directly sponsored a number of local teams, and helped out students (such as myself) with his own private scholarship.

Prior to the regional he founded, Arizona had around 6 teams. That number has been more than quadrupled thanks to his efforts. I’m glad the board has decided to take him aboard. Thank you and congratulations Steve Sanghi!

Congrats to Steve Sanghi- based off of what I’m reading, he’ll only be able to do more now that he’s on the board.

Way to go Steve!!

He has even funded our team as well. Congratulations!! This is great for Steve and great for Arizona!!