Steve Wozniak Judged Our Robot


Oklahoma regional- 3/27/15

Very cool!


(we can’t see his wristwatch in the picture)

I remember when Steve Wozniak was a judge at Silicon Valley in 2012. He judged our team that year and we won the judge’s award at that competition. If you get the chance, make sure to ask him if he has any extra business cards. He gave a bunch of guys on our team some, and they’re really cool!

I could care less about all other “celebrities” involved in FIRST. Steve is by far the coolest I have seen involved. Not only is he at an event but he is volunteering and judging, something I have never seen before from such a high profile person. Big thumbs up!

The Woz is by far the coolest judge I have ever come across in my 11 years mentoring in FIRST. Check out my icon, yeah even I could not pass up the opportunity. That is from 2012 at the Silicon Valley Regional.

Steve is a low profile, hard working, long-term supporter of FIRST. I remember him judging at the Championships back when they were in Atlanta. He was a judge like all the others, paired up with a friend of mine. They went around doing their judging like all good judges do.

Wonderful guy!

Boffo! Great to see that Woz is still out and about and supporting STEM! I hope to see him at championships!

He turns up at FIRST regionals now and then. A really down-to-earth guy. He used to show up in Phoenix, but not since we formed a team that goes there four years ago.

I hope you asked him about his watch.

:ahh: That’s just… Awesome

The Woz judged my robot in 2005. It was great to meet him.

FIRST is just one of many ways that Steve has paid it forward by working with students. You can read about many of his contributions in this short biography.

He came to our pits a couple of times as a judge back when the championships were in Atlanta. One year he praised the the job the programmers did after they talked with him about the code. They were sky high for the rest of the weekend.

One of our kids got to share the stage with him and talk. She had about five minutes to compose her comments inside her head, and did a good job speaking off the cuff. I had a front row seat to his speech and recorded his comments, which were very interesting and inspiring.

It was really cool to see him wandering around in Oklahoma.

That’s sooo cool although I’m not sure I’d show him our robot.

Steve is an Engineer’s engineer. I have met him a few times as he was judging FRC competitions, and quite frankly unless you knew who he was going in, you would never have guessed he was the celebrity (certainly in FIRST/Engineering circles anyway) that he is. There was no difference between him and the rest of the judges, he was friendly, personable, genuinely interested in the robots, and talking to the kids. I don’t know what I enjoy more, seeing the kids realize who he is when he introduces himself, or watching him talk to students who don’t know who he is, only to see their reaction afterwards when we tell them who they were talking to.

While the judges at most FRC regionals are pretty remarkable people, the early Boston regionals were especially interesting, including The Woz, Bob Metcalfe, Marvin Minsky, Colin Angle (iRobot). The entire regional was full of Engineering Psuedo Celebrities.