Stick Welding Aluminum

I have access to large stick welders and I have lots of experience on steel with them. We’d like to get our frame TIGed, but for time savings, rather than outsourcing, I may need to do it myself (our sponsor shops are incredibly busy). But stick is the only thing I have access to.

I know stick welding aluminum can be done but I’ve never seen any pictures of what it looks like afterwards.

Please don’t tell me “don’t stick weld aluminum” unless you yourself have tried it. Please don’t say “I’ve heard it doesn’t work well.” I only want first-hand info and pictures (yours or found online).

Also, what polarity needs to be used and what shields the arc?

Aluminum can burn well if it isn’t shielded with an inert gas. The flux on a welding rod doesn’t provide enough protection from the atmosphere.

It looks like it can be done Sorry I do not have first hand knowledge. You might call that company that sells the electrodes and see what they say. They are probably your best source of info. Good luck