stickers size

is there any rule about the stickers size?

If you are asking about stickers used for decoration, there is no limit. The rules that apply are visibility of the balls, the RC LEDs, the beacon and the radio LEDs. Otherwise you can cover the entire robot as long as you make weight.

Are you talking about the display of a team number on your robot?
There is a required size for that, but I’m not sure where in Section 5 (The Robot) it is exactly.

<R12> 4" high with 3/4" stroke width

And on a contrasting background. If you have the best robot in the world, but nobody can read your number from the stands, and you are with bad partners and lose every time, you won’t be picked because nobody knows who that really good robot is.

If they get stuck on the Epcot ball they are too big. :rolleyes: