Sticky Fault issues

I’m the lead programmer of cybergnomes team 2013, we have been having some problems with sticky faults. Originally we had issues with are practice bot where it would often crash and get stick faults we found out that we had a loose screw on our main beaker which we tightened we couldn’t test if that solved our issue because our drive tipped our robot and broke a whole bunch of things. When we eventually got our competition robot we did a sponsor demonstration and after the demonstration we relisted we had a sticky fault so it seems that we have an issue. Does anyone know why this is happening.

Galen Meesters
Cybergnomes Team 2013

Could you indicate which sticky faults are set?

If you could tell us which sticky faults you are getting that would help a lot. That being said, here a few things to look at:

  1. Make sure you fully cleared the sticky faults by looking in the web dashboard. If a fault refuses to clear, it is likely that it is being constantly retriggered

  2. Inspect both ends of your CANbus cabling. There should be a tight connection to the RIO on one end which should be undamaged. The other end should be connected to your PDP* where again the connection should be firm and undamaged

  3. If you are using PWM or encoders, remove them and check if the fault reappears. Often these cables are the most fragile and likely to cause a fault.

  4. Check all your firmware versions

If none of that catches the issue, please go talk to the CSA at your first event. They should be able to help you locate the issue.

  • Yes, your CANbus is allowed to terminate at a resistor, but please use the PDP. I have seen a disproportionate number of issues with teams that do not use their PDP and there is less help a CSA can give if you are using a resistor