Still more watchdog trouble

well know that i know what watchdog is this should be easy to say. I learned watchdog is a good thing even though it doesnt work out half the time, but whenever we deploy code to the cRio it will work but the drivers station will say 00.00 volts on it so my question is what coudl the problem be

Why do you think the battery voltage display is related to the watchdog?

Make sure there is an NI Analog Input module in slot 1 of the cRIO.
Make sure you have power going to the Analog Breakout plugged into it. Not just wires, but actual battery power – measure it on the white WAGO connector.
Make sure there is a jumper between the Power and center pins of the AI8 selector.

the weird thing is that it works one time but for the camera but never again for anything else

You’re babbling. Try to focus your thoughts into words so they give us information.

There are now at least three distinct ideas coming up here: watchdog, battery voltage display, and now camera. I don’t see the connection between them that you seem to be implying. It looks like you said the battery voltage display worked for the camera once – but I have no idea what you mean by it.