Still trying to get our new sticks to work, please give a hand!

on the topic of fifteen pin joysticks i bought a new set of joysticks with the game port but they are labeled as digital joysticks. i took apart one of them and found that the normal properly operating sticks have a single variable resister for each axis and the wires go straight to the connectors. The digital ones have one sensor with two separate wires coming out of them but instead of the wires going to the plug they first go to a computer chip, and then to the connector. I find my self wondering if the circuit board needs power to operate but i am finding no changes out of the connectors any ideas that can be shared?

Thanks everyone,

Digital joysticks will not work with the OI. An analog joystick will output a voltage to the OI (0 to 5V). A digital joystick outputs 0 and 1’s.

hey what do you think if i re wewired the joy stick sensor to different pins on the connector i saw a varying resistance rating on the sensor, i dont know a whole lot about the actuall programing part, im actually the driver and engineer, but can you set up a program to respond to different resistance ratings, or the resulting voltage ratings with that?