Still waiting...FIRST Choice

I’ve been waiting for ten minutes now for the FIRST Choice page to load. Any one else in the same boat?

Yup. I’m sure a lot of other people are, too.

No one as of yet has been able to make any purchases and post it on CD. It appears that the server is down.

same here


Not able to get to website. What do you think? Go make lunch and come back in one half hour?

Same here

Same for us.

same here, I was logged in and at noon I hit refresh and nothing.

I think Obamacare is behind this

I was waiting for that joke to make an appearance…

… I thought it was Bush, honestly.

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist

No it is Al Gores fault for not making the internet more robust

FIRST and AndyMark are aware of the problem and working to solve it. From @FRCTeams]( on Twitter:

#FIRSTChoice]( is experiencing technical difficulties where no one has been able to access the site. We’ll update as we know more.


Friends @andymarkinc]( are working with their webhost to determine and fix the issue. We’ll update as we know more.

Same here in Israel :frowning:

Well, it’s pouring rain in Southern Indiana. Not much else to do, but I was hoping this would go fast!

Man is this FRUSTRATING !!!

I was painting my living room, while waiting. Now I’m watching it dry.

Took 25 min for a page to come up. By then it had logged me out. Just now I got a page in 5 min to log in. Still waiting to login again though.

30 min and counting, I can ping it, but will not load. Was logged in, pushed add to cart and after 20 min. timed out, waiting to even get a page now