StIMS Challenges 2016

Hello All. I’m reaching out for help. I’m second lead mentor and just had 20 new members register in STIMS. I used parent night and the school computer lab so there was plenty of coaching. All seemed well but only one application has come across for team approval. Anyone run into this? How can I help these poor lost souls when I can’t see them in the system.

I have seen very few come through myself, after several emails to the parents, with instructions. I’m wondering if I’m in the same boat.

I’m not sure how many students have submitted, but I’ve sent out instructions, and only have one student who’s popped up for approval.

My students have been having a hard time with STIMS also. It seems where the students leave off and their parents need to take over for the rest is where we are getting the majority of the problems. I have gotten 7 students so far.

Its hit and miss. We have managed to get 9 students signed up but the consent form failed on three of them. We invited two new adults as administrative contacts but neither seems to have gotten the email. Several parents also likely did not get emails so we are holding off on sending out more invites as it seems the system needs to be debugged. It is one of those things that has to get done but does not have to be done today. FIRST probably has one or two IT issues of higher priority right now.

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The STIMS registration system has been completely overhauled.
Many improvements are needed to make the system more robust.

Potential Improvement:
Add an option for Team leads to get CC’d with all communications sent to parents / students
(emails are going to spam or getting lost and students can’t find them)

Has anyone sent suggestions to FIRST on how to improve the system?

Last year they did away with the email to the Primary and Secondary contacts when someone applied to the team through STIMS and when the Consent form was completed. I asked about it last year and the reason they gave was they assumed folks didn’t want all the emails. I suggested they make that a selection for the Team contacts to make as I loved that feature as it allowed me to know without having to login that folks had registered. I have not had any parents let me know they are having issues, but I’m still only at 5 people signed up.

I am a parent and mentor, and did not receive an email asking me to confirm my son’s (renewal) registration. (At our last team meeting the head coach reported a low number of students completing the process which is why I asked).