Stinger Fuse Block and Power Distribution Block

So, we used the kit of parts supplied Maxi Circuit Breaker block and Distribution block for our prototype robot. I ordered a second Maxi Circuit Breakers Block (JEF-531D) and Distribution Block (16220-2) from Terminal Supply Co.

When I ordered, the Maxi Circuit Breaker Block was out of stock, but they said they had an acceptable replacement. I said OK and they sent them to me.

When I got the parts, there were differences from the original:

  1. The new circuit breaker block (the Stinger model) is almost the same except instead of having (4) 10 AWG inputs and (4) 10 AWG outputs, it has (1) 6 AWG input and (4) 10 AWG outputs. Electronically, this is OK. And in our inspection at GLR, a well known inspector said it’s fine, but we might want to question it and get it clarified before Nationals. So, is this going to be OK?

  2. The power distribution block (16220-2) is NOT what was shipped in the kit of parts. What we got in our kit of parts was (16220-3). The difference is that the one that came in our KOP has three “legs” with the middle leg not being used. (16220-2) is what is listed on the Terminal Supply Co. page and I know electronically it is OK. But, again, we were advised to get it clarified before Nationals. So, is this going to be OK?


I am not sure if I was the inspector for your robot or not. (I was an inspector for both GLR and Midwest and will be at Nationals if they need me.) We have been told that the maxi block you describe is an acceptable substitute since the original is not available. The distro block should be an acceptable sub as well since you can legally remove the one unused portion of the triple block that was supplied in the KOP. However, FIRST is the final FINAL on this and they may change by Nationals. Please check with them, as always.

Thanks for the response Al. No, you didn’t inspect us. Joe Johnson did and he was the one mentioning that we might want to get final FINAL OK from FIRST like you are suggesting. Thanks for your response. I am going to post it to the Q/A forum today.

Thanks again.