STL Airport Transfers

For fairly small groups or families getting from the airport to downtown - is the best option the GoBest Shuttles? Taxis? Etc?

A Metro rail line runs pretty much straight to the convention center/downtown from a station in the airport.

Last year I took the Metrolink train in and it was pretty good. It’s only $2.25 for a one-way ticket and it drops you off about 3 blocks from the Dome.

Is the rail easy enough to manage with luggage?

I do it all the time… it’s pretty easy. The station is connected to the airport.

If you have a normal amount of luggage, it’s no different than if you were to take a shuttle bus or taxi other than being a lot cheaper and a lot easier to manage a large group of people (everyone can be in the same train car).

How long does the trip by train take?

About 35 minutes. Depending on time of day, the Red Line trains depart every 12 - 20 minutes.

Be prepared to hike your way from the baggage area through a parking garage and up some stairs/small elevator to an open air station and hope it isn’t raining like last year:(

So, basically exactly what I need to do to get to the light rail station in Seattle :slight_smile:

Pretty much.

When you pick up your luggage look for the signs for transportation and the Metrolink and follow the signs through the parking garage across from the baggage claim exit. Be prepared to use ticket machines near the track with either cash for each person or you can use a credit card (and collect cash from kids later to speed up the process). And don’t forget to time stamp the tickets next to the ticket machines.

The train is definitely THE way to go. Even in the pouring rain. (Hey, I’m waterproof. Once I’m drenched, I can’t get any wetter)

Last year St Louis had ambassadors stationed in the airport with big welcome signs, directions and maps for all teams. Let’s hope they are there again this year - it was a nice touch.

(Especially since it was only 3 days after the tornardo had temporarily shut down the airport).

We paid about $30 each for 2 minivan taxis to get our mentors to the dome and hotel last year. We thought the extra was worth it because of the rain and the the distance we would have had to carry our stuff otherwise.