STL For Compound Planetary

Hi all

I made all the STL’s for the Compound Planetary available for Supporters on Patreon

or look for Martin Pirringer. I also made a couple of things publicly availabel for free for all like a spread sheet to calculate Compound planetary systems and the 1/2 in 3d printable Hex bearing.

I will continue to both give things away (mainly the stuff the kids worked on) and offer some for supporters only. Andymark does not give gearboxes away for free either and pretty much anything I will get will go to support team 1989 anyway as me and my daughter are not just mentors but also sponsors of team 1989 and would like to do more.

So please check it out and I hope you enjoy the public stuff and maybe some of you will become supporters.

Next I will probably do a video on how to quickly design and print HTD-5 Pulleys.

Martin Pirringer

Bravo for being creative but…

AndyMark does give away their designs in the from of CAD files and drawings. They might not give away the product but the designs are out in the open.

I think you’re going to find the market for this to be tiny and likely an insignificant source of funding but best of luck to you for this.

As for pulleys, there is a parametric generator available here:

Works pretty well. Here is a link to our hack to add a .5" hex to it:

Thank you.

As for the potential success… 1989 embarked on the 3d printing mission we are trying to print the whole robot for a variety of reasons. The youtube channel is to chronicle it and to share and possibly help others (other teams and just people who are into 3d printing) The money angle - well things are expensive and we are always strapped for cash in a big way. 3 years ago we qualified for nationals but had to decline as we could not come up with the $$$ in time. So you could call it trying to get multiple birds with one stone. Or not leaving a stone unturned in our attempt to qualify again and maybe actually go this time. Last year we went to regionals but we had less than 800 to spend on tools and our robot so each year our robot has been build in kinda a Junkyard war manner. There were parts on the robot that were on the robot in the 2007 season. Now with 3d printing we got access to a printer and have some filament from various sources so lets see if we can make a robot out of it. And well if someone donates 50 bucks then thats 3 KG of ABS or maybe we can get the bench grinder fixed etc.