STL Off-Season Event: Gateway Robotics Challenge


Attention all teams! You are invited to participate in the first ever St. Louis Off-Season FRC event – The Gateway Robotics Challenge.

The Gateway Robotics Challenge will take place on September 13th & 14th at Hazelwood Central High School in Florissant, Missouri. Registration will cost $200 per team and will give you an opportunity to compete playing Aerial Assist on a full-sized FRC field using your previous season’s robots.

Registration fees will be waived for any team that brings a pre-rookie team (a group that intends to register for the 2015 FRC season) to the event with a robot of their own to compete with.

A tentative full schedule and team registration details can be found at

Our team registration goal for this first year is 30 teams, but we can absolutely accommodate more. Feel free to ask in this thread if you have questions, shoot me a PM or contact us through the GRC website. We hope to get all of the greater STL area teams competing, but welcome teams from other regions as well!

A big thanks to FRC1985 for providing the venue and for those who cannot make it - yes we plan to have a webcast!


This sounds fantastic! I was just talking to another mentor about trying to start a September off season event in East Missouri and I’m glad you all are able to do it. Team 3885 is looking forward to attending and I hope we can get many others.


Very excited to see an off-season event in St. Louis. Will have to check and see if the Sunday schedule is a deal breaker before we commit, but definitely want to come. The team dinner Saturday night sounds like a great time too.


Excellent, thank you for filling out the registration form already!

Ideally we would have liked to have went for a Friday / Saturday event, but with it being during the school year we had a hard time finding venues that would allow it, especially with this being the event’s first year. Hopefully you guys can find a way to make it work, we’d love to have Titanium out here!


Robolions will be there!


Of course 1985 will be there it’s at our own school, glad to welcome every team


Great! Make sure to have a main team contact register on the website, we have a Google form setup just to get some basic team and contact information. Thanks!


That is done! We are super excited. If you need any help setting up and such, we can help out.


Awesome, I’ll keep that in mind. We’ll have an official call for volunteers soon, we’ll need all the help we can get. I’ve added a volunteer registration page, feel free to fill it out as well.


Just a notice to all teams -

Registration through July 31st is only $175. After that the price will go up to the full $200. Registration can be done through this link: or by sending an e-mail to contact(at)

We are also looking for volunteers! You can register to volunteer at and we are looking for help with all positions - referring, score keeping, game announcing / emceeing, team queuing, field reset, etc.

Teams registered as of 7/7/14:


If you are aren’t on the list, make sure to encourage your main team contact to register before July 31st! Thanks!


Just a reminder that the end of July is approaching fast and we are still trying to recruit teams for St. Louis’s first ever off-season FRC event! Register before July and only pay $175 to compete on a full 2014 Aerial Assist field!

We currently have 11 teams registered as of 7/21/14:


St. Louis area teams - please remind your mentors to register for this event, thank you!


If we hit 12 we can have at least some eliminations (SF then Finals). I have reminded everyone I am in contact with in the area, seems like some have yet to sign up, I will send some more reminder messages (Hopefully two more teams will be added to this list)


The schedule doesn’t work well for us making the trip across state either. Sunday doesn’t allow any time to find a church service, plus the schedule would require us to get a hotel for two nights instead of one.

Best of Luck!
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Just a reminder - today is the final day to get discounted registration for the 2014 Gateway Robotics Challenge. Shoot me a PM or register on the website here if you’re thinking of attending:

Current Team List - 15 teams:


In the interest of transparency, the GRC planners are considering going from a 2 day event format to a longer 1-day event on Saturday only. We’d love to get feedback on whether this would help more teams attend or cause more teams not to attend.


Saturday morning there is ACT testing, so if it is going to be a 1 day competition, it might be better on Sunday.


I know we would be in a better situation if the event moved to a Saturday only event. As far as act testing goes there are a few locations less than 15 min from the event venue for concerned teams. I would guess that it might allow some of the KC teams that were on the fence to attend which would be great. How many less matches would it potentially cause teams to lose? The low registration fee combined with the free dinner would more than offset the fewer matches, but having below 5ish qualification matches would be a tough trade off though.


If we went to a Saturday only event, we’d likely run it similar to how R2OC ran theirs - just go later in the day and try to give teams at least 8 qualification matches.


That sounds really doable especially since it would let KC teams be able to drive home that night. One thing if you all decide to go this way might be to let the local teams be able to connect to the field during load in. That way the morning set up wouldn’t be as long for teams to get connected.


A Saturday only event seems like a great choice and would make our decision much easier. If I recall correctly, CTTD (Cowtown ThrowDown) ran that way their first several years.

The R2OC schedule appears to be as follows:

  • Friday night load in 5-7.
  • Practice Matches Friday 7-9
  • Team Social Friday night 7-10 (overlaps practice matches?)
  • Saturday Load in at 7:30 for teams not arriving Friday night
  • Doors open to public Saturday at 8:00
  • Opening ceremonies at 8:45 am
  • Matches start 9:00 am

I can’t find much else about the schedule now that we are post event. What time did they do alliance selection, and what time did the event end?

I noticed that 3330 wasn’t signed up yet, but they are a 2015 Beta test team. Will they be making a presentation at the event?


Alliance selections were scheduled for 2:45-3 and matches were scheduled to end about 5PM.

We ended up getting behind schedule so alliance selections were 3:15-3:30 and matches ended about 6:30 if I recall correctly.

Also, under the R2OC schedule each of the 32 teams in attendance played 8 qualification matches.