STM32 board design

I now realize this is a hell of a reach, but I’m working on developing some custom hardware for our robot next year that uses the STM32 ARM MCU. I just wanted to get some opinions on the use of this and any alternatives with about equal power. Also, since I will need a level shifter to implement 5V logic levels, I was curious about people’s thoughts about level shifters. Do you prefer DIP style SMT/throug hole ready to go ones? Or do you prefer designing your own level shifter and putting its components on the board?

I personally love stm32 and the stm32cube ecosystem. I would opt for all smt because you are already using an smt stm32. Unless you find it really difficult to solder. I don’t have much experience using level shifters, but I know sparkfun makes a breakout, maybe just steal their schematics.

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