Stock Chassis Problem!!

We dont seem to have all the required parts for the stock chassis!

We seem to be missing the axels, or some form of axel. These axels are not printed in the kit checklist.


Team 1560

You’ve got to supply those yourself. Look for 3/8" bolts of sufficient length, 4" if I remember correctly. And make sure they’re high-strength (Grade 8 is usually recommended)–these things are what take the hits.

team 2200 came up with a different solution to the problem

Picture is of 1 completed axle (in the wheel)

and 3 axles in various stages of completion.

  • Bochek

Yeah, trouble is, as I remember, the KOP checklist stated that the included bearings were to be 3/8" ID, but the actual ones are 1/2" ID. And the Kitframe has 3/8" ID axle holes, so teams will have to be creative, or order some non-standard 3/8" bearings.

Or look at this thread…

Anyone know where to get more of the wheels pictured (as in, the kit wheels from last year or the year before)?

they are not the same as last year, and you can get them from Andymark

Ok, thanks.

If you are talking about the wheels from the last couple of years supplied in the kit, they came from skywheels. This year seems to be a lot better wheel with a great difference in traction.

Skyway actually