Stock Market contest I made

Well, i was feeling bored so i decided to make this stock market contest.
the name is rackandroll and the password is tripleplay
go to
and create an account. It starts monday the 25th. you start off with 100 grand.

This will be a week-long contest. Your prize will be the killer chipmunk seal that I will make up… (oh, and a sense of pride about your stock market skillz)
You are allowed to sell short.
There is after hours trading.
Min price of stock: 5 bucks
The commision per trade is 15 dollars.
It is only US markets so some companies (like IBM) wont work.
Good Luck!


This sounds like fun. I’ve never heard of a simulation like this before. Does it use real world stock prices?


The password you typed in was incorrect. Please go back and try again.

yes it does use real world stock prices. there are a few of these out there.

and sorry if it doesnt work yet.

It worked for me when i logged in just now…
maybe you werent logged in when you tried to join?

I am going to go ahead and create a new contest. starts on the 25th and ends in a week.


EDIT: OOPS! i made it start on july 22nd instead of june… silly me… I am going to make a new one like i said

EDIT2:see my first post i updated it


06/22/07 	EXXON MOBIL CP (XOM) 	83.73 	100 	0.00 	83.73 	8373.00 	0.00 	0.00 	 
06/22/07 	GOOGLE (GOOG) 	521.96 	100 	0.00 	521.96 	52196.00 	0.00 	0.00 	 
06/22/07 	MICROSOFT CP (MSFT) 	29.91 	1000 	0.00 	29.91 	29910.00 	0.00 	0.00 	 
06/22/07 	PAYCHEX INC (PAYX) 	40.20 	500 	0.00 	40.20 	20100.00 	0.00 	0.00 	 
Long Portfolio Subtotal 	110579.00
Short Portfolio Subtotal 	0.00
Cash Account Subtotal 	-10639.00
Portfolio Total 	99940.00

Oh man we used this site in Econ last year for a month-long stock game…

I found an exploit of sorts… debating whether or not to join and use it :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone going to join?


I will. I’ve been looking at stocks for the past few years (my GoogleIG page has some of my favorite ones on it), now before putting my own money in the market I want to see how I would do virtually… Time to start subscribing to different newsletters and doing research… Sounds like fun.

you know your start date and end date are the same?

sigh… no i didnt… darn. I will make a new one later maybe. i have to go to a team meeting right now. although it looks like i am winning :stuck_out_tongue:

The ONLY thing (which is pretty big) I dislike about this site is the fact that you must wait a whole day before selling. This is a disadvantage to me as I entered a number of charts on my google IG and was about to make about around $500 bucks on some google stock I bought this morning… :frowning: Unfortunately I get this error:


Sorry, you must hold your stocks for one day since we do not encourage day trading in our game. Also, this will take away the advantage of those who may obtain live stock quotes and use them for short term gain.

If you obtain live quotes you are ‘well informed’… I guess that is something that the site discourages, being well informed.

I must wait!!! Good luck guys…

ok i made a new contest.

it starts today and ends in two weeks.


and everything else i said up in my first post holds true.