StockBlock: Extra Credit Assignment

My 3D animation’s Extra Credit Assignment this semester was to design…anything, and than to animate it along with a small description of what is happening and whatever else that needs to apply.

Well…how could I not make my own FIRST Competition? :cool: I checked with my Prof, and I was allowed to do it. Note this is my first semester useing 3ds max so there are lots of oddities and things that would make those proficent in it scream. I’m still not 100% sure if this is how I want it, but I am in the process of animating it now. It will turn out as half animation project / half Havabanana parody. :yikes:

Here are some shots of the field. The game is called StockBlock.

To find out how the game works, you’ll have to wait when I get the animation up, and if I can’t finish it before the last lab day, I’ll just tell you all instead. I’m working hard to get it done.

Dude that ownz. I love it. Cant wait till you get animation up and learn how this game works…:slight_smile: Maybe we can have a MIniFIRST event with your field??