Stocking up on parts *wish list

I am working with team 73 this year who through some unfortunate circumstances over the past few years doesn’t have a good stock of materials and/or parts. I am looking to be putting together a wish list of things which would be nice to have before the season starts. The way I see it things break into 3 major catigories: Raw Materials/Supplies, Tools, and Robot specific parts. I am looking for some input in each one of these areas so let start a list.

Raw Materials/ Supplies
1)1"x1" aluminum tube
2)3/16" aluminum plate
3)1.5" pvc pipe and assorted fittings
4)zip ties

1)battery drill
2)drill index
3)t-handle allen wrench set

Robot Parts
1)Victor 884’s

lets keep adding and see what we come up with and if anyone already has a list like this please post it so we all can see.

Raw Materials/supplies
5) Keyed Shafting 3/8" and 1/2"
6) Pillow mounted bearings for above shafts.
7) 3/8" #35 Roller chain, links, and offset links.
8) 3/4", 1" Aluminum Angle both 1/16" and 1/8"

3) Hack saw / SawzAll
4) Chain Breaker
5) Tap and Dye set
6) Keyway broach set and a press
Do we need to go through any more? This list could go on forever, and there’s a thread already about this.

Robot Parts
3) Extra PWM cables of various lengths.

Good Luck this year!!

Raw materials:

1"x1" aluminum angle
3/8" shaft (keyed?)
1/2" shaft (keyed?)

Power transmission:
1/2" shaft collars
3/8" shaft collars
1/8" keystock
3/32" keystock
2mm keystock

2mm keyway broach
ratcheting box wrench set
Tap set
Vise grip pliers
channel lock pliers
needlenose pliers
wire cutters
wire strippers
wire crimpers
socket set
calipers and/or micrometer
tape measures
deadblow hammer
automatic center punch
transfer punch set
chain breaker

Robot parts: (may have to wait until after kickoff for some of these, so as to not buy illegal parts)
CIM motors
10 AWG wire
12 AWG wire
6 AWG wire
PWM cables (or appropriate materials to make your own)
Wire terminals
Anderson battery connectors
Battery charger(s)
#25 chain
#35 chain

Krispy Kremes?