Stolen/lost items

My team, 2879, has had the 2010 Classmate, the 2010 and 2011 routers, and the 2011 Restoration Key either stolen or lost. I’m going to check to see if one of our members still has it, but does anyone have any suggestions?

I don’t mind losing the Classmate, we bought a much better laptop to use, but we really need a router and the 2011 Driver Station.

For our new space, we’re definitely getting locked doors and a security camera.


You don’t need any of that.

Any decent router will be able to function as your connection to the robot during practice. Go to a local store and grab a new(er) router.

You can download the full software driver-station from the usfirst website along with instructions on how to set it up. You do NOT reimage your new lapop. Remember - you can now use any laptop you wish as your driver station at competitions as long as it’s set up correctly.

You should be good to go. It’s nice FIRST has allowed us to use non-classmate driver-stations.

Sorry to hear of your loss… we have experienced similar situations in the past and it really stinks. I would agree that you don’t “need” most of what has been lost, but…

When you say “routers” do you mean the bridge that goes on the robot (since we didn’t actually get a router this year, only the bridge)? If so, then actually you do need to replace that. If you were closer to us we would be happy to loan you our extra one that was purchased to replace one that we thought we had fried (turned out it was fine… our cRIO was just having trouble connecting to it… but that is another story for another day). But since you are in Minnesota it would likely be easier to get one online. Here is a link to the one we bought from Amazon:

Hope you find it…

We already have a good computer to replace the Classmate (good riddance), and thanks for the suggestion about the router, but where is the 2011 Drivers Station download? You didn’t post a link, and I didn’t find it myself, so could you please send me a link to the file you were thinking of?

Specifically, make sure you find and follow the PDF describing how to set up a Non-Classmate computer as a Driver Station.

We solved the problems with the computer and Driver Station, so all we need is a router (not a receiver). I’ll try to get one today or tomorrow before our event next week. Great timing, I know.

Thanks to the people who made suggestions


A router is not required (and actually not allowed to broadcast wireless) for operation at your event. On the field you will be wired directly into FMS and in the pits you should be tethered to your bridge (or directly to your cRIO).

The cRio and friends uses a D-Link DAP-1522 router to connect this year, not a wireless/wired network bridge. This is not legal any longer. You need to get the same D-Link router that was given out in the kit for your robot, and it must be configured by the radio kiosk at your events. I don’t recall the exact cost of the router, but it was not one of the cheaper ones, unfortunately you must use that exact router, with the power converter in the kit.


The DAP-1522 is not a router. It is a combo Bridge/Access Point. The differences may seem subtle, but they do exist. At the competition it should be put in Bridge mode when they configure it at the radio kiosk and remain there for the rest of the competition.

My mistake, I thought it was a router because I’ve never actually seen a bridge/access point with a switch before, and the configuration seemed more involved then just a bridge/access point. Anyways I was more concerned with teams misunderstanding and going for the old Linksys bridge, essentially making the same mistake I just did (thinking of the DAP-1522 as a router, not a bridge).