Stop After Your Alliance Partners???

I was under the impression that your alliance is only awarded the points for your teams lowest robot climb on the pyramid. For example, if your alliance had one robot at 30pt level climb than another alliance member did a 10pt hang that you only are awarded the points for your 10pt hang. Please clarify.

You are awarded points for each robot individually.

That is how I took the rule but was told today something totally different so I wanted to confirm, also didnt ahve access to the rules currently. Thanks

False, each robot’s hang is scored individually.

You may want to revist the game manual:

I would have but did not have access to the manual so found the best way to find out would be from other FIRST students and mentors. Thanks

:confused: You had access to Chief Delphi, but not the manual? Are they not both online? :confused:

I had students of both of my teams come up to me and ask me about this. I am very curious to how this rumor started and how multiple teams came up with the same misinterpretation.

Something else to watch out for is the Q&A 354. I find both the question(s) and answer(s) very interesting.

The school blocks Game manual but not chief! I thought the same exact thing when i was trying!:ahh:

How odd!

Got to love school filters! So Chief was the best choice and I knew that I would get a lot of people to help! :slight_smile:

You should have your teacher contact the web admin to unblock *

Let’s not talk about breaking school rules shall we?

Maybe, maybe not. Rebound Rumble had a similar rule. IIRC, they kept the bridge scoring the same at Championships.

I don’t have a problem with the GDC adjusting this aspect of the game, as they watch the evolution of play during regionals.


Or, install ####### to a USB drive and run it from there. Proxies made easy.

Be careful with things like this.

Please don’t advocate the use of proxies or other illegal methods on Chief Delphi.[/quote]

The GDC also stated they might adjust points by ±10.

If the GDC lowers the point values by 10, hanging on the bottom rung would be useless.

Likewise, if they raise the values by 10, hanging on the bottom rung becomes worth half the value of the top rung, compared to the previous 1/3rd value.

Personally I think that the point values are great the way they are.

They could adjust the points for some levels and keep other levels the same. One situation I could see is the second and third level climbs each increasing by 5 points, while a level one climb remains at 10 points.

Oh no it gets better then that.

According to the wording the GDC may change the point value up or down but not the same for every level. The way it reads they could make level 1 worth 0!, level 2 worth 10 and level 3 worth 40 or some other combination. Who knows how the GDC thinks. Now where is my crystal ball.