Stop Build Day/Time

OK, I have checked this about 20 times in the manual and other sources (including CD). But I’m still antsy, so please someone confirm this for me (or PLEASE tell me if I’m wrong, I know it’s kind of late but there must be someone on here…)

Today is February 20th. Tomorrow is February 21st. (I’m in Hawaii so it’s still 9 p.m. on 2/20 for us, even if it is already 2/21 on the east coast.)

We have all day and all evening tomorrow, until midnight when 2/21 turns to 2/22, to work on our robot. As long as we ‘bag and tag’ it by that time (midnight when 2/21 turns to 2/22), we can actually crate and ship it (we have an exemption) on 2/22.

If we have to either (1) bag/tag by midnight tonight (when 2/20 turns to 2/21), or (2) actually ship by midnight when 2/21 turns to 2/22 (as has been the case in prior years when our event, the Hawaii regional, was not a ‘bag & tag’ event), someone please let me know. Please?

Right now we are planning on bagging/tagging after school tomorrow, NOT working on the robot after that, and shipping the crate out on 2/22. So if that is going to break any rules PLEASE let me know; THANKS!

Nervous Nelly

Bag it by midnight tomorrow Tuesday evening.
Depending on when your crate gets picked up, you can pack your crate anytime prior to pickup as long as your bag is tagged, documented on the bag/tag form and signed by an adult non-student.

Thank you so much for confirming all this. I was just nervous; this is the first year they are relying on me to make sure the process gets done right, and of course it’s our first time dealing with the bag&tag thing.

Can’t wait to see you guys in Honolulu. Where/when are you going to compete first?

Also, I notice there are only 38 teams signed up for the Hawaii regional. That seems low to me (but my memory might not be so great…). Only two non-Hawaii teams, one from Taipei and 1920 from New Orleans.

Actually, this is Hawaii’s LARGEST regional!

The closest was back in 2008 with 37 teams. Check out past events here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks!

Wow, thanks for that link. Guess I’ve spent too much time in between doing VEX, where we had over 100 teams at the Pan-Pacific last December. 38 seemed like a small number, but you’re right, it is more than ever before.

Being a larger regional, the pits are going to be relocated here:

The playing field will be rotated 90 degrees and the seating will go all the way to the floor this year not requiring the side stairs.

Remote pits…limited parking…ahhh just what we need to add to the stress of competition! I like turning the field 90 degrees though. Will be just like watching a Wahine volleyball match! (I know we’re playing basketball, but the field dimensions are closer to a volleyball court than a basketball court)