Stop Build

So guys, its 6 days to stop build day. Who’s almost finished and who’s not? We, for one, are just about finished. We’re just intigrating the electronics onto the chassis. Then programming gets the last 2 days when we estimate to be done. i for one believe we are gonna finish tonight.


  • Spec (Team 4063)

Our team lacks a few side pieces of Lexan and some wiring and then we will be done.

We are no where close to done. We mounted our ball lifter today, but we still need to assemble the shooter, our bridge lowerer, and our ball sweeper. We are working hard though, and should be ready by bag day.

Well Im rooting for you guys. Good luck

Stop build happens the day after nationals…

Anyway, we’re about a week behind where we wanted to be. Oh well, it happens. Just means we’ll have to squeeze in an extra week. Perhaps we’ll extend our working days to 30 hours a day.


100th post on CD! Now I am in a good mood! Lets get working baby…


our drive train is almost working!!!

we are starting to design the ball collector/ lift

first shooter test was yesterday and it worked!!!

Done but… 122 lbs. So, not done. But almost done. But, lots more programming to finish. But, ready for drive tests… almost.


Drive base is done, Shooter nearly done, Conveyor system needs a bit of work still, Bridge lowering mechanism is nearly done. Pretty good shape, much better than last year for us. We’re hoping to be done saturday, and head up to the scrimmage in Roswell, GA to do some testing and practice matches.

done minus some code…

Our practice bot is done. Now in the next 6 days we just need to produce a competition bot.

We’re about a week behind mourn intended complete date. But we’ve still got enough to finish this weekend Our programming is done and we just need to finish the chassis and do the electrical.


Drive has been done for 2 weeks, Superstructure, ball conveyance, entrance, and exit manipulators have been built for a week, but we have been tweaking them. Bridge lowering device is done and needs mounting, It was prototyped but the final version has not been tested, We had to add a pneumatic to get the ball storage mechanism to work, so we need to add some more tanks. Chain to the outer wheels also went in today, up until now it has been ruining with only the middle 4 wheels working (8wd)

We are all done… with the practice robot! =p but we are almost done with competition bot.

We have nothing but a frame and a box of mecanum wheels. We are probably doomed.

We’ll be done by Saturday, which would give us 3 days to drive and shoot and calibrate then comes the tough decision of what to take off the robot to withhold from Ship. Drive has technically been done for a week and a half now, just hasn’t looked the prettiest.
Yes, I still call it Ship Day, simply because it sounds better than “Stop Build day”.

Edit: I don’t normally celebrate posts, but I imagine celebrating my “pi” post is in order.

We tested our ball manipulator today, and it “worked”, so now we need to fix that, test the bridge lowerer, finish assembling the shooter, finish wiring, and drive, drive, drive!

We are done, though we have to finish our second bot for a demo a week after ship date… crunch 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck to all of you!