Stop Build

Without the stop build this year, what is your team doing?



Actually taking a break during our February break

trying to get another three weeks out of our exhausted students and mentors.


Sleeping in today (President’s Day) instead of going in to start work on the robot at 8am. We’re about 85% of where we usually are on our exponentially increasing workload. So next weekend will be more like traditional stop build.

well ideally we’d be stopping build

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Drive practice


Still building. We only meet 7-9pm on Mondays/Wednesdays and 8-4 on Saturdays. And wow does it make a difference in time lost but also energy gained.
It’s weird having a life outside of FRC

As of 2/17:
Drive base should be done this weekend
We plan on having the rest of the mechanism files to the machine shop by the end of the week.

I plan on doing some kind of a write-up of our experience in rebuilding the team.
Lengthened schedule
Dropping the second event to stock our shop and go to more off season events
Forcing CAD on the students and other mentors

Programming. “Cheap” mechanical improvements. Driving. Tuning.

Hoping to give the Programmers something more than promises to work with this year.:worried:

Basically same as before without the stress of the bag. Also, not having to build a complete duplicate of the competition robot to practice with is letting us focus all attention on meeting our self-imposed deadline of tomorrow to have the robot functional.

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