STOP Day and electronics

ISTOPING will check later on tonight, but can you keep electronics with your team after bagging robot or does it go with the robot. I feel that it goes, but I want to know or if there is some advice that anyone knows with this topic in any way.

Thank you in advanced!

You have 30 lb of fabricated items (not counting the Operator Console). This could include your electronics, if you so desired.

If I am understanding the rule correctly, as long as you don’t connect all your electronics together before you get to the event, everything (DSC, cRio, speed controllers,relays, and pretty much all other electronics except wire) would be COTS and would not count toward your 30 lb withholding allowance. Is this correct?

My issue is not holding weight but rather if I can keep the electronics until competition. It is a long shot, but it would be nice to know.

Let me go over this again:

If it’s a fabricated item, you can keep it (provided that you don’t have more than 30 lbs worth). If it’s COTS, weight is unlimited.

It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s electronics. It matters that it’s under the allowed weight.

Well, I know that my electronics board is less than 30 lbs but for one thing,

What does COTS stand for and what does it mean?

COTS means Commercial Off The Shelf - it means that the item is not custom made or modified, and commercially available. The biggest impact for your team is that it doesn’t count toward the 30lb withholding allowance.


A Commercial, Off-The-Shelf (COTS) item is defined as a part in its unaltered, unmodified state. A COTS item is a standard (i.e. not custom order) part that is or at one time been commonly available from a Vendor. Once a COTS item is modified in any way, it becomes a Fabricated Item.

to put it another way: a electrical component(victor,jag, sidecar) is a COTS item, but if its put together on an electronics board it is not.
so unless you plan on building your electronics board from raw materials and COTS items it will count towards your 30 pounds of withholding allowance. :smiley:

So in other words, my electronics board on a rectangular plastic honeycomb structure with electronics from the KoP is not required to be bagged and shipped away or has to BE shipped under the 30 lbs of withhold.

PS I have o problem with the weight, I just want my electronics to stay behind. So is that what you are saying or does it have to go “bye-bye”?

Marco, please take the time to read the rules thoroughly. This is all spelled out.

If your electronics are mounted to anything or wired in any way, they are no longer “COTS” items. Therefore, they count against the total 30 pounds of fabricated components you are allowed to carry into your first competition.

If they are completely unmounted and unwired, then they are COTS items and do NOT count against the 30 pounds of fabricated material you are allowed to bring to the competition.

You can bring unlimited COTS items to the competitions.

Pit space is limited, and I’m not sure about pit-based vendors, so …:slight_smile:

If you wanted (and were extremely bold) you could theoretically bring all COTS parts with you and spend Thursday building a robot, thereby condensing 6 weeks into 6 hours. Think of all the ideas you’d see in the rest of the pit area. :rolleyes:

“you could theoretically bring all COTS parts with you and spend Thursday building a robot, thereby condensing 6 weeks into 6 hours”

And you would not have to stay up late.

It seems he is not even reading these posts.

Don’t worry, my mentor xplained it to me after I read it. I know what to do now

Thank you all again for your help!

Happy Competitions!