Stop Missing Levitate

I vote that all drive team members of any alliance that misses Levitate does one push up for every point they missed out on. From what I’ve seen, we’d have a lot of really strong drive teams.

I kid of course, but seriously stop missing Levitate. I haven’t seen a match yet where getting Levitate has been a bad idea. Even if you get 3 climbs, you still get the 15 points from Levitate. Always Always Always a good idea.

I’ll do 5 pushups for every exchange cube my alliance misses in a quals or elims match. I figure, any alliance partner I trust to deal with the exchange who misses a cube is on me and any cube my drive team is supposed to deal with but fails to exchange is also on me for poor communication of match time with my drive team.

Conversely: Stop rushing to park all three robots on the platform once you’ve activated levitate.

OTOH I’ve seen some alliances on an easy pace for 6+ cubes in vault and the first thing they lock in is levitate, when force or boost would’ve been more advantageous. Especially when they then spend the last seconds scoring more cubes in vault for powerups that aren’t worth anything. I think it comes down to knowing you capabilities.

its almost never advantageous to park robots

I saw one match (forget which) where the alliance put 3 cubes in levitate, then proceeded to not press the button and park two robots. I can only assume the HP forgot to hit the button, but talk about missing levitate!

We had a match with no levitate.
Vault specialist scored 0 cubes the entire match, knocked over our driver station twice, and forgot to park on our ramp.
Luckily we still got 3 ranking points.

This is a tough (and common) situation from what I’ve seen. It’s hard to miss out on 15 points per cube for Levitate… every alliance should have a contingency plan for getting Levitate if something goes wrong with Plan A.

In a perfect world the Vault is being filled by your 1st Pick while the alliance captain is carrying the 2nd pick above 12" during the end game. Wasting time (and that’s what it is) on Levitate early in the match is a recipe for disaster in a close match.

In the real world, how often does this actually work?

Well when you’re watching 5172 play… pleasantly often.

Just witnessed a beautiful duo climb from two bots using the sides of the rung, noticed the 3rd bot try to slide up on the Scale Platform. Looked over at the scoreboard and saw the alliance with 3 cubes in the levitate vault…not activated.

It’s painful to watch. This is going to be this year’s “ROPES!”

If the on screen animation was correct, 118’s alliance just lost to 148’s by less than 10, but they had 3 cubes in the vault for Levitate that didn’t get activated…

it hurts watching teams not get the levitate because they didn’t press the button.

Do your self a favor if you’re that human player and just play the power up as soon as you get the 3 cubes and save yourself that “uh-oh” moment.


I honestly don’t think the problem is that people forget to press it. I think they are pressing it too soon, and not verifying that the lights turns the alliance color. They drop the cubes in, slap the button, and move on to the next thing. Still painful to watch it happen. Saw a student push the button too soon, and then proceed to do a happy dance in the driver station watching his robot for the last 40 seconds of the match. Never got the points.

Not to derail this thread, especially since there’s another thread on it somewhere already, but what is KILLING me is seeing the teams successfully activate the Levitate but then still go crazy trying to get 3 robots up onto the platform!!!

What is the deal???

And, in almost all cases, there are still easy points available in the form of unfilled/unactivated vault spots, etc.

Seeing the failure to activate levitate is almost as painful as seeing a bot sitting still in Auto !

I saw this a bunch during matches and had to re-check the rules to be sure I wasn’t missing something.

One thing I think does impact it - some robot platform climbers are designed where they can only climb with balanced weight - so if they want to lift two robots, you actually need the 3rd anyways just to keep it from tipping.

The two threads are combined here now.