Stop Standing for your Matches

Dear teams at World Championships,

Please sit down for your matches. This has been exhaustively discussed in the past. If you want to stand and cheer when you’re introduced, great, but before the match starts, stay in your seat. Everyone behind you scouting and trying to watch matches really wishes you would sit.

The stands at worlds are extremely shallow and there isn’t any room as it is to move around. Be kind and courteous, teams remember this kind of behavior long after your match ends.

Old Man Akash


This isn’t only at worlds. I’ve definitely been stuck behind teams with their signage where I couldn’t even see the field at some regionals. I think this partially stems from the spirit award which I totally understand, so there’s definitely a happy medium that can be reached.


Why stop at frc events.
This happens way to much at concerts. Time to start a movement of staying in your seat.


This refers to people in the stands, not on the field.

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Sorry about that.

it’d be neat if they added a reserved area for scouting to ensure they have a good view


Long Island tested that out this year. Curious to see the feedback forms on it.
I enjoy the idea, and it can be helpful with venues with worse seating.

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Wisconsin Regional has had this for the past two or so years. Its better some year more than others. The area is at the same level as the field, so the single substation completely blocked view of the grid. It was pretty good last year however.


Duluth double DECCer has tried this in the past, problem is they only sectioned off 2 seats per team, so not very useful to many teams.


Long Island only had done 4 per team unfortunately.

Teams just need to collaborate and share data.


Agreed. If you’re standing up to see your robot, everyone behind you has to do the same, so no one gets to actually sit down and watch. If you don’t like the view from the stands, you can find another place to watch or watch the stream.

We have our seats to a team in exchange for data😂

Didn’t champs also do it in the past? I definitely remember it starting in 2013 or 2014. There were either two or three rows of one section of seats in the dome cordoned off per field. I think it went on for a couple years at least. I can’t speak to anything after 2015.

Not to my knowledge. But I only attended in 13 and 14 ack then

I’m pre-emptively putting my old man hat back on.

Last year at Worlds, teams were incredibly rude and stood their entire match in the stands. This cannot happen in such a packed venue with very shallow bleachers.

If you are politely asked to sit down, please do not respond rudely or completely ignore those who are asking you to sit. Last year we saw adults on teams be rude to our kids and parents. We are all there to watch matches, scout, and have a good time. Please don’t be the jerk who spoils it.


Recalling a classic response to this same concern, by an extremely well respected FRC mentor, about twenty years ago.

in 2005 the stands were not as full as they are now. I disagree that the responsibility falls on the people sitting behind a cheering team.

It should be up to everyone to ensure all of the audience has a good time. You aren’t losing out on anything by sitting down after your team is introduced.

Continuing the discussion from Cheering, standing ovations, and required team actions during matches and awards:

At modern day Worlds, this is equivalent to telling a poor person to just make more money.


If your team likes to stand during a match that is awesome! Just find a spot that is not obstructing the view of others. Sit in the back rows so you can cheer and dance and go nuts. Everyone watches events in their own way, just don’t inconvenience everyone else when you are doing it.


Another technique if you like standing for matches is just have your team sit at the top of the stands, then nobody cares.

We like to stand for our matches, so this is what we have done for all competitions in recent memory (plus the view for scouting has more recently been better).