Stop Yelling ROBOT Merch!

There may not be consensus, but those of us who like our sense of hearing to remain in tact and begging you, please, stop yelling “ROBOT!”

I said I’d buy a shirt, so I’m doing one better – selling them. Thanks of course to @juchong for buying and @gixxy (who is all in on this!) for the graphic.

100% of profits go to benefit VoteRiders, a non-partisan, non-profit organization aimed at protecting the right to vote. Why VoteRiders? There are lots of real problems in this world–this isn’t one of them. We can have fun and should be responsible at the same time. When we disagree on things that matter a lot more than this, the best thing we can do is vote. I’m selling these close to at-cost, with $1-2 profit on most items as a donation.

T-shirt - $15.55+

Comes in a variety of colors XS-5XL.

Individual sticker - $3.50-$5.00


Sticker sheet - $7.50


Note on shipping

Shipping costs are kind of funky with the variation in item weight and countries. If you’re ordering more than one item (a t-shirt and either sticker item or two t-shirts), use code BUNDLE for a discount on shipping.

If you’re ordering three or more items, shipping internationally, or your cost just seems generally high, DM me and I may be able to help you save some money on the order.

Where to put the stickers

I do not take responsibility if you put the stickers in these totally hilarious unacceptable locations:

  • On the concrete bucket used for the live stream
  • On the pit admin table
  • On a queuer’s clipboard
  • On a lead queuer’s back
  • On the robots of every team who shouts “ROBOT” when they’re not looking
  • On the WPA Kiosk laptop

Sales are open indefinitely since this is printed on demand (from an awesome vendor, I might add), but subject to stop at any time if this proves to be more work than I’m expecting.


Jared, you absolute madman. I’ll have 10.

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Put your money where your mouth is :stuck_out_tongue:


Jared, are you able to clarify colour names? I’m not seeing the names associated with the image file names or elsewhere on the page.

I’m starting to have flashbacks to picking room colours and determining the difference between “winter mood” and “water chestnut” :sweat_smile:

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At the top of the description, it lists the colors in the order they appear in the photos

Totally missed that, thanks!

I would like 1 roll of stickers please.

That can be arranged

Thank you for doing this.

Will there be competitions to determine the most creative places to put the stickers?

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I’ll buy more stickers for whoever posts a picture of the sticker in the best place by the end of Champs 2023


I am also down for this.

Joking or not, priced this out and I can get stickers down to $2 each, landed with 100 or more. DM me if you wanna buy anything in bulk :slight_smile:


While I won’t get this right now, when we’re closer to the start of the season I will definitely look into getting some.


“ROBOT Merch!”
“Excuse me robot merch cart coming through!”


You know, “Stop Yelling Robot” is an anagram of “Style Probing Tool”


so is “Obeying Troll Post”.


Got a bunch of notifications today that merch that was purchased earlier in the week is shipping out today! Keep an eye on those mailboxes and don’t forget to not hide the stickers in funny places at events.

Don’t not.


Wow! Certainly wasn’t expecting things to arrive so quickly. And to Canada no less! (Looks like it was printed/shipped from a distributor in Canada).


Distributors in Canada, U.S., Europe, and Asia!


@jaredhk , I got to this topic a little late. My initial scan of the title was:

Stop Yelling ROBOT March!

A march for this cause seems appropriate. Maybe around the field, just before the start of qualification matches? Of course, marchers would look more coordinated if we all wear your t-shirts. I want one. Also some stickers.