Stopping Spam

I see that ChiefDelphi has been hit with spam once again. And I know it it is annoying to everyone. Is there a way to validate users to help cut down or completely wipe out spam on chiefdelphi?

Well you can start by revoking Gary Dillard’s CD username.


Without adding a lot of work, there is no easy way to validate users.

We already have an image verification (like ebay, paypal, etc) to prevent automated signups. That probably cuts down on a majority of the possible spam. One or two here or there isn’t that bad. At least it’s not like my e-mail accounts where I’m getting thousands per month (combined). :wink:

Completely understandable.

But wait! There is a way to help out the mods! There’s a little triangle button on the right upper corner of each post. If the post is spam, click that, type in spam and send away!

(though I would like to protest that we not ban Team 180, even though their name is SPAM…)

When I first saw the name of the thread I thought that it was about the Team S.P.A.M 180. I even had an answer before I opened this thread. Simply put team 25 or team 494’s or even my first baby that I worked really hard on, 2003 SigmaC@t killer chassis infront of S.P.A.M.'s fantastic Chassis. It’s not going anywhere. :slight_smile:

::refrains from joke::

Spams do get annoying. I agree with Beth. She does have a point.

heh what a interesting choice. i recomend maybe a wall of shame. :ahh:

One thing I’ve been doing as a warning to others is just posting a simple message after the spammers to the effect of “Spam, ignore it!” until the mods can take care of it. I’ve been doing this ever since I was PM’d by another user on here that had clicked one of the links (not knowing it was spam at first) and they were taken to another site they didn’t expect and it wasn’t what the spammer had listed.

In reality you’re never going to be able to stop the spam 100%. If you’ve looked closely at some of the spammers that have showed up on here they have even taken the time to build a basic profile. The spammers just have to be dealt with as they show up and the admins and mods have done a good job so far with them. So as Beth said, report the post and if you want post something like I mentioned above to warn others who may not realize it’s spam until the proper people are able to deal with it.

i was inspired to create this.

thanks Beth and Arefin too… this just reminds me of our emails we send out…don’t spam the s.p.a.m. mail… :stuck_out_tongue:

but you can’t stop the other spam from happening…but we can always try…but bravo to the moderators whom are doing a great job so far…keep up the good work…

a robot named Firestarter 05’! :smiley:

Oh, the other spam… :yikes:
I don’t think there is any sure fire way to stop spam. If a spamer wants to spam, they will find a way. I haven’t noticed a lot of problems with spam on the site personally. I think Brandon has done a good job stopping most of it. But now I know that I’m going to keep an eye out for spam now.

As for the lovely spam decoration of the forums this morning, I’d like to mention that because of IRI we’re working with a skeleton crew of mods - so keep reporting the posts and we’ll be sure to check the forums more frequently this weekend.
Thanks for your patience!

The second worst thing you can do (other then clicking the spammers link) is to continue posting in the thread. That keeps the thread at the top of the forum and visible to the most people

After the first person posts notifying it is spam, everybody should ignore the thread. Even if a moderator isn’t around it will fall down the page and off into oblivion.

yeah i kind of realised that after i posted. oh well… i wonder whos so determined to post spam on CD

Maybe CD needs a team of backups mods for things like IRI? I don’t know I just woke up, but I do know that everyone in the FIRST IRC was aware of the spam pretty fast if one of them was a mod this could have been done faster, not that it wasn’t done pretty fast given the skeleton crew.

Now back to wondering what possessed me to get up before 2pm…

yeah thats just plain crazy.

Ok, I think I may have found a potential solution, or at least it may help. We already have image verification to become a user, now what about image verification to create a thread also? Its a small detour from the norm, but I think most of us are willing to give it a try for the sake of a cleaner forum.

Absolutely not. I’m always on here. Just make me a mod, and I’ll take care of spam. :slight_smile: Anyway, with how much I post, I’m not going to type in a code every time I want to start a new thread. That is almost “giving in” to the spammers. We can deal with them without putting more trouble upon ourselves.

What about this…i’m not sure how much work this would be, but would it be possible for any posts made by an account in the first seven days after the account was created require mod approval?

Also, as far as the backup mod team, I would be willing to help out with something like that…I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to participate with FIRST this upcoming year, for reasons that I’ll announce shortly(a few of you might already know, but please keep it under wraps until I officially announce it…thank you)

ooh a secret! :smiley: shhhhh