Storage Question:

I already look at the manual and I can’t find anything that would make this illegal. I was hoping someone from the community shed some light.
We have been kicking around an idea of making a left and a right storage tank. Then having a valve control which tank to fill to 125psi. Would that be legal?

I’m not sure if it would be legal or not but i assume they may have a problem with it if that valve is cutting off airflow to the vent and emergency relief valve.

What is the purpose of doing this?

No, this setup would be illegal per R82:


Only the compressor, relief valve (P/N: 16-004-011), pressure switch, pressure vent plug valve, pressure gauge, storage tanks, tubing, and connecting fittings may be in the high-pressure pneumatic circuit upstream from the regulator.

Also, just as note, per R81, your high pressure system is limited to 120 psi, not 125.

slijin Thank You i must have miss that rule.