Store bought(andy mark) drive modules legal??

I see that Andy Mark are selling complete swerve and 6 wheel drive modules as well as complete chassis. Are these legal at competition?? Seems to me that they should not be but that is just my opinion.

It’s impossible to tell what will be legal and what will not be legal for 2010 until the rules come out.

In 2009 and previous, the swerve modules would have been 100% legal. I’m not sure about the chassis since it’s a package deal and the total price violates the $400 rule, but teams were not prohibited from purchasing each chassis piece individually.

Well, simple answer, we don’t know. Real answer, there are a few people who can tell you, the rest of us can make some guesses based on past trends. Based on these trends we can say they are legal. They may or may not be optimal but they are a legitimate way of quickly building a robot.

I also ask that we NOT get into the debate on whether they are “in the spirit of FIRST” this has been discussed so many times I think everyone is just plain sick of hearing the arguments.

What I think is nifty, 221 is partnering with AM. I don’t know why I didn’t notice that when I was on the site not 10 minutes before checking here. Great, now I can get stuff made by my second favorite people whose names start with An (they tied, but they lost to me :stuck_out_tongue: )

EDIT: The chassis is legal under previous rules, it is merely a collection of disassembled parts. This was discussed rather extensively in the threads for Team 221’s Chassis. Took me long enough to find that. I really need to start bookmarking these.

Pretty sure that the chassis assemblies are for non-FIRST uses (and as a reference for teams.) Remember we aren’t their only customers.